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September 25, 2019

Written by: Chrissy Richey

Imagine you’re seven years old, thirty-seven pounds, feeling nauseous..

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Healthcare Interoperability: Are We There Yet?

By: Dr. Victor Lee

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Interoperability Bubble

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Architecture of Substance Intolerance

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Number Please? - The Inevitability of Automated Interoperability

There is an invention you may have heard of, it’s called the telephone.   It is a device that provides physical interoperability between individuals that want to..

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Clinical Terminologies in Healthcare - Part Two

The Terminology Uncertainty Principle

I am a Star Trek fan (not a Trekkie... I don't wear a tunic around the office...if I did it would be gold to signify command.....

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Clinical Terminologies in Healthcare Applications - Part One

But Charlie, you look so young!

Over the past two decades, I have been on the battlefield of Healthcare IT.  Throughout this time, I have been in many roles, ranging..

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PSA: Semantic Identity Crisis

Did you ever wonder what happens to a code when there is a lack of good semantic interoperability?  If so, please watch the following cautionary tale about a well..

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Lab Domain and LOINC Overview – Part III

In this post we are going to start digging into LOINC.  While this is meant to be a critical review, I need to say that I am a fan of LOINC and respect the amount of..

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Lab Domain Terminologies and LOINC - Part I

Whether you have been following the buzz related to the ARRA meaningful use criteria or you are involved in clinical information exchange, you have likely run across..

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Clinical Interoperability - The Antics of Semantics

Semantic interoperability deals with the actual "language" contained in the conversation between applications.  Solving the syntactic interoperability issue by using..

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