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July 31, 2018

By: Charlie Harp

In the trenches of healthcare, important decisions are made every day. We make..

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Can Appropriate Prescribing Practices Curb the Opioid Crisis?

Clinical Architecture Releases Free Opioid Prescribing Guidance API

The Opioid Crisis: A Public Health Emergency

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Making an Impact

One of the greatest impacts many of us hope to achieve in our careers is a meaningful impact on care delivery, healthcare outcomes, and healthcare innovation.  In the..

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The Importance of Passion

Thinking about exploring a career in nursing informatics?

Each of our nurses discovered the field in a unique way. Today our nurses share advice for fellow nurses who..

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Discovering Nursing Informatics

One of the questions our nurses are often asked is how did they learn about nursing informatics?

There is sometimes a distinct moment when one learns about a new or..

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The Backbone of Healthcare

Highlighting Our Nurses

Our nurses mean the world to us. National Nurses Week is an opportunity for us to thank our incredible nurses, as well as all nurses who make..

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Healthcare Interoperability: Are We There Yet?

By: Dr. Victor Lee

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HIMSS18: Wrap-up and Charity Raffle Winners

HIMSS18: Wrap-up and Charity Raffle Winners

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Clinical Architecture Releases Symedical on FHIR™

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Free Text Syndrome

Diagnosis and Treatment of Free Text Syndrome By: Victor Lee

Overview and Diagnosis

Free Text Syndrome (FTS) is a chronic condition that impacts a large number of..

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Building a Better Product

Clinical Architecture recently hit three significant milestones:

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