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Ready Computing and Clinical Architecture Collaborate to Deliver a New and Data Solution Utilizing InterSystems HealthShare®

Written by Amanda O'Rourke

June 6, 2018 at 3:20 PM

Ready Computing develops proprietary adaptors to enhance and augment HealthShare by integrating Clinical Architecture’s Symedical® healthcare content management software and Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite

Carmel, Indiana and New York, New York, (June 4, 2018)— Ready Computing today announced the availability of a novel, off-the-shelf solution that enables a more unified and easy-to-understand view of a patient’s medical history.

The solution, known as “HealthShare Adaptors for Symedical,” combines the power and artificial intelligence of InterSystems HealthShare® health information exchange (HIE) and Clinical Architecture’s Symedical content management software (CMS). This integrated solution pulls together healthcare data from different Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in the healthcare continuum using HealthShare—then normalizes it using Symedical, giving the physician a clearer view of the test results, diagnoses, and treatments associated with a patient through a graphic-based dashboard.

Across the healthcare industry, clinicians must closely examine a vast amount of information in a patient’s record to try to locate the most vital pieces of data. With all of the data currently available, it's often difficult to make sense of or meaningfully use the data. Integrating HealthShare and Symedical through Ready Computing’s adaptors enables the flow of rich, high-fidelity clinical information needed to help organizations use that data more effectively. This benefits clinicians by allowing them to focus on the most clinically relevant information available thereby empowering them to make better decisions, avoid medical errors, and improve healthcare quality and outcomes.

For example, a clinician seeking their patient’s diabetes history—including recent test results and relevant medications—may need to retrieve and review many unrelated doctors’ notes, medication records, and lab tests just to find the specific information that they require. The patient normally receives care from one facility but has an elevated hemoglobin A1c result from another. Neither facility has the complete patient picture and, therefore, neither has a documented diagnosis of diabetes.

By connecting HealthShare and Symedical, this scenario is no longer as daunting. The information the clinician requires is retrieved from all disparate sources by HealthShare, and then normalized by leveraging Symedical’s ontologies and industry-leading terminology management tools. This data is then displayed using HealthShare’s Clinigraphic, a data visualization dashboard that highlights the most relevant information about a condition from a composite patient record. Using the Clinigraphic, clinicians are able to increase the signal to noise ratio and narrow in on the most meaningful and relevant patient information.

In addition to the benefits of normalization, Clinical Architecture’s Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite has been integrated into HealthShare to provide clinical inferencing capabilities. This is a rules-based, automated reasoning process that leverages structured clinical data to draw assertions and provide recommendations, along with instance evidence and references.

“Patients are rarely seen in just one facility, so why should we only focus on one source of clinical data?” asks Samir Jain, VP of Technology at Ready Computing. “By leveraging the Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite at the composite health record-level, and with data coming from multiple disparate sources, this solution enables clinicians to quickly and effectively determine gaps in documentation and bridge gaps in care by looking at the whole patient record, rather than just a part of it.”

As the Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite is integrated into the HealthShare workflow, healthcare professionals are now empowered to view timely and relevant information and gain new insights from composite patient records without the need to access additional applications. This puts cost reduction, quality improvement, and time savings easily within reach and provides a proven path to improved patient care.



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