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Clinical Architecture Unveils Pivot: Managed Interoperability and Data Quality in a Turnkey Solution

Written by Amanda O'Rourke

August 13, 2019 at 9:00 AM

CARMEL, IN – (August 13, 2019) – Clinical Architecture is excited to announce the release of Pivot, a turnkey interoperability and data quality solution designed to dramatically reduce the barriers and effort necessary in making high-quality patient information exchange a reality. Unlike most interoperability platforms, which require custom interfaces for every combination of sending system, data format, and receiving system, Pivot is a single solution that understands a multitude of data formats, including FHIR, CDA/C-CDA, and HL7, as well as vendor-specific and custom formats. After processing inbound messages into a standard data structure, Pivot applies Symedical’s automated normalization, clinical NLP, and clinical reasoning capabilities to deliver an outbound message that is semantically and syntactically transformed to meet the requirements of the receiving system. Pivot is interoperability and data quality simplified.

“There is a data quality problem in healthcare. This problem clouds our view of the patients in our care and creates uncertainty within the tools we use to measure, understand, and guide our decision-making process,” said Charlie Harp, Clinical Architecture CEO. “Pivot is designed to help harmonize, validate, and enhance patient data in motion with reduced effort in your enterprise. We are excited to provide something that improves patient data quality and helps our partners make the most of their existing IT investments.”
In addition to Pivot’s ability to understand the various messaging formats, normalize the data to target terminologies, consolidate multiple patient messages into a single longitudinal record, summarize the data to reduce duplication and noise, validate the format and clinical content, and enrich the data using advanced clinical reasoning, Pivot is differentiated by the following:

  • The Innovative Message Flow Engine ensures the delivery of refined, normalized, and enriched patient information to consuming applications using the format and terminologies needed.
  • Message Format Variations are Clinical Architecture’s problem, not yours. Pivot recognizes variations in the standard formats like HL7, CDA/C-CDA, and FHIR and accommodates them. If a new variation is identified, Clinical Architecture does the research and adds it to the format variations available to all clients.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility and Configurability ensure that Pivot can address specialized transformations, validations, data processing flow adjustments, and many other customizations without the need for developer intervention.
  • Advanced Data and Format Validations keep incorrect or unnecessary information from corrupting the client’s clinical data repository, ensuring information quality and usability.
  • Clear Visibility and Traceability provide unprecedented transparency throughout message processing, ensuring that clients can see and understand the transformation of their data at every step.
  • Stateless Operation reduces the additional cost and risk related to duplicating your entire patient data repository.
  • Managed Services takes the work off your plate and puts it on Clinical Architecture’s. Whether it is terminology mapping, building data validations, configuring sources, or managing all aspects of the Pivot environment, Clinical Architecture can help clients cost-effectively ensure the quality of the information empowering their operations and analytics.

Contact us to learn how Pivot can help improve your ability to effectively exchange patient information and achieve the data quality needed to improve care, reduce costs, and achieve success with value-based care.


About Clinical Architecture
Founded in 2007, Clinical Architecture delivers healthcare enterprise data quality solutions focused on managing vast amounts of disparate data to help customers succeed with analytics, population health, and value-based care. We comprehensively address content acquisition and distribution, master data management, reference data management, data aggregation, semantic interoperability, normalization, clinical decision support, and clinical NLP. Our solutions are currently used by 4 of the top 5 health systems, HIEs, population health vendors, and EHR vendors as well as The Joint Commission, the CDC, the Defense Health Agency (DHA), and other government organizations. For more information, visit

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