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    Understanding the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA)

    Charlie Harp, Clinical Architecture, CEO provides his perspective on what TEFCA is, what it addresses, and with regard...

    Turning Lemons into Lemonade - My Health IT Journey

    Every day, I see and hear stories from our clients of how these tools have made their lives easier, and more...

    Clinical Architecture Unveils Pivot: Managed Interoperability and Data Quality in a Turnkey Solution

    Press Release: Pivot, a turnkey interoperability and data quality solution designed to dramatically reduce the barriers...

    Informonster and Sparky the FHIR Dog Go To DevDays

    FHIR DevDays took place this year on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. Our Carol Graham was accompanied by the...

    Clinical Interoperability
    Interoperability Rules!

    In this blog post, we focus on a few new developments from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).

    National Nurses Week 2019: 4 Million Reasons to Celebrate

    The 2019 National Nurses Week slogan - 4 Million Reasons to Celebrate, is a reminder of how diverse the field of...

    We Are With You: Nursing Advocacy Behind the Screen

    While your informatics nurse may not be right at your bedside, know that we are with you. We are advocating for you,...

    Clinical Interoperability
    Closure of Documentation Gaps to Optimize HCC Capture

    Leveraging the entire patient record to close gaps in clinical documentation can optimize financial success in...

    Clinical Interoperability
    Cooking with Terminologies

    While cooking with terminologies can be fun, we understand that being a “terminology master chef” is not for everyone....

    Clinical Architecture Announces the Release of Symedical® 2.1

    Clinical Architecture, a leading global provider of healthcare enterprise data quality solutions, is pleased to...

    Clinical Interoperability
    Healthcare Information Quality - What is Quality?

    For information to be accurate, it must be current, comprehensible, correct and as complete as possible. These are the...

    Ready Computing and Clinical Architecture Collaborate to Deliver a New and Data Solution Utilizing InterSystems HealthShare®

    News Release: Read about new HealthShare Adaptors for Symedical, an off-the-shelf solution that combines the power and...