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Discovering Nursing Informatics

Written by Jessica Bentley

June 6, 2018 at 2:38 PM

One of the questions our nurses are often asked is how did they learn about nursing informatics?

There is sometimes a distinct moment when one learns about a new or unique opportunity. Today, our nurses talk about when they first learned about nursing informatics, and the opportunity to bring knowledge from inpatient nursing and apply it to behind the computer to help evolve systems and help allow for better patient care.

I was fortunate enough that one of my closest friends started in the field.

Carol: I discovered health informatics early in my career. At the teaching medical center where I worked, we were early adopters in the transition to electronic health record systems, and a nurse led the way. She was the lead engineer developing the system, and she inspired me. We were also among the academic medical centers that were earliest to create full-on biomedical informatics departments, so I had exposure all around me every day. I saw smart people trying to solve meaningful problems, and I wanted in on it.

Kasey: I discovered nursing informatics because I love to learn and conquer new challenges. I knew I wanted to further my education to the graduate level, but I was uncertain of which path to take. When I read about nursing informatics it seemed like a match made in heaven. I had always been “good with computers” and I could use my career experience as a nurse. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship and completed my master’s degree in nursing informatics with support from my employer at the time.

Nichole: Being a registered nurse working in patient care I often experienced inefficiencies while utilizing the various software. I was documenting the same information repeatedly in multiple areas and noticing pertinent patient information being overlooked due to the overwhelming amount of information being compiled in a patient’s medical record. The unit I was on was launching a new software update and the informatics team was present to help support the change. I approached one of the nurse informaticists to understand what role they played in the process and what steps were necessary to move into that role. Within a few weeks, I was enrolled in master’s program and a couple months after I was working in the field of healthcare IT.

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